PersonalBranding (3)Youth exchange ‘Personal Branding for Youth Entrepreneurship’

21 young people from Catalonia, Greece, Poland and Romania met in Vilanova i la Geltru (Barcelona) for a youth exchange focused on Personal Branding for Youth Entrepreneurship. They spent their first nine days of August in the relaxing atmosphere of Moli de Mar, on the beach lighthouse, enjoying a cultural exchange experience while taking part in group dynamics focused on enhancing awareness on both exchange main topics: ‘Personal Brand’ and ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ from a genuine European approach.

The program of activities was organized, first, to identify and develop a better understanding of what are the most relevant competences entrepreneurs might have and, on the other hand, to offer tools that might help to acquire and improve those skills and attitudes.

Each of the national teams presented their culture, the situation in their country regarding the difficulties in finding work, as well as different entrepreneurial initiatives, identifying the elements of success and positive values so far. Participants were active in international groups and, through different games and exercises, could practice how to make aPersonalBranding (8) creative CV, how to sell a product, how to make a crow funding campaign, how to start a business idea or a project or from where to start when making a business plan or an initiative of social economy.

Group dynamics allowed gradually overcome the challenges of language, encouraging communication, teamwork and intercultural learning among participants, who experienced various methodologies of non-formal education, coaching and personal development.

The event has taken place during the Local Festival (Festa Major) where the group was fascinated by the human towers exhibition, the traditional parade (Cercavila) and the fireworks. Moreover, there was the chance to visit Barcelona, during a one day trip, where the participants had a tour to bygone ruins of the past among the contemporary history of Catalonia’s Capital.

The exchange, hosted by the FCV, with the support of the Erasmus + program of the European Commission, is the fourth edition of the international project Personal Branding, this time in collaboration with NGOs Coaching 4EU, PersonalBranding (4)United Societies of Balkans and EDUQ Association. More information about the initiative.

However the involvement of FCV to Personal Branding and Social Entrepreneurship is not only limited to these particular youth exchange. As a result of it, the FCV is currently organizing workshops to be held in September (in the FCV premises), in English, focused on learning the skills necessary to find work and be a social entrepreneur. Moreover, from 6 to 13 September, FCV will also participate in the fifth international ‘Personal Branding’ project: a training course to be held in Romania (Cluj-Napoca).