On the 27th of October, Fundació Catalunya Voluntària organized the fourth edition of the Short Movies Exhibition. During the exhibition, which was held at the CIDOB, we showed the videos nine young people who participated with FCV in some Erasmus+ international mobility project, such as the EVS – European Voluntary Service and the youth exchanges.

The exhibition was the perfect place for people to share their experience in a visual way, as well as meeting other people who participated in similar projects. We took advantage of the event as well and we presented the video “Mou-te per aprendre!” which explains the everyday work that we do in order to promote and encourage the participation in said projects through the testimonies of the young people we work with.

We presented the following videos:

You can find all thevideso in this Youtube playlist.

We want to thank everyone for their participation and enthusiasm!

See you at the 5th edition 🙂